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Monday, November 16, 2009



That is hysterical! Your Dad rocks. :)


Your child is the cutest child in the history of the world, the end. THAT MONKEY! SPINNING! OUTSIDE TRAIN. I love him.

Your dad, I also love but think I will keep my distance from.

Amy --- Just A Titch

That Thankful Tree is cute!


Dude, a FRESH pile? Bare-handed? I...I...really?


I'm with Danell... dying laughing, but... bare-handed dog poo?


I am petrified of your father.


Spinning! I love it! I think I shall do some spinning myself tomorrow.

My dad has a pet bug that comes to visit him in the hot tub every night for a drink of water. Or at least my dad thinks so. It has come back year after year and we've looked up the life span of that particular brand of bug and, um, NO.


I agree, your children are pretty much the cutest little people in the world.

But DORA. I don't know how you do it!


See...the frog story was kind of cute and then...yick...the rest was just...yeah..ick.


I just forced my husband to listen to the squirrel story which I read out loud while whinnying in hysterical laughter. Oh my god, that was funny.


I'm going with horrifying, not funny at all. Poo and dead animals can make you sick if you touch them, in addition to being incredibly disgusting. That's some pretty messed up stuff.


The frog part is kind of sweet, though. Potentially.


That is too funny and horrible at the same time. I have been so incredibly elated after each of my three kids has passed the Dora stage. I HATE HER!! and THAT MONKEY


I'm so glad you survived your childhood so that we could enjoy the memories with you. Oh dear...

Jen L.

Holy crap, your family sounds like mine. My great-grandfather and my idiot uncle once decided to give the cat an enema. (I guess he was constipated? How could they tell?) They caught the poor cat, shoved its head down in a rubber boot and proceeded to give it an enema. My great-grandpa was not the gentlest person in the world, so I can't even imagine what that poor kitty felt like. Anyway, they said once they were done, the cat kind of jumped down and spinned around in circles, boot still on its head, spraying liquid poop all over. Nice.


There are no words. I'm just laughing hysterically. Your dad is AWESOME.


I guess I should be THANKFUL that all my dad ever chased me with were earthworms. Shudder.


I love the idea that he feeds stink bugs to the frog! Everything else....kinda freaks me out.
My father was notorious for bringing black snakes in the house & putting them in bed with my napping little brother. Excellent parenting skills from that guy, let me tell ya.


Oh my gosh, that is absolutely hysterical. Your dad sounds like a riot :) God love your mom!


i love that frog story! aawww. and i have to say that if the frog gets fed every night and sometimes sits there waiting (who know amphibians even had that much brain?), it is TOTALLY a PET. even if it doesn't live in the house or have a name. (it probably has a name, your dad just hasn't told you yet...)

Shelly in Austin

My five year old is thankful for ketchup, bread, chicken and his nana. I was thankful at least one person made the list. It would be slightly frightening for him only to be thankful for food. Wow, your dad is weird.

Megan K

I was totally thinking that he must feed the bugs to an animal, but that it wouldn't be weird unless the animal lived outside. Too bad I didn't comment! Anyway, I think it is so amazing that the frog waits for his dinner. That is really cool.

And as far as the other stuff, besides from EEEEEWWWWWWW, my only thought was that he can get really sick, catch diseases, etc. from picking up that kind of stuff!

chatty cricket

OH MY GOD Emily, I suggested that your Dad is feeding the bugs to the frog(s) (in the pond) out back. So the Frog who lives in a hole next to their driveway is close enough.

Me & Your Dad= sharing a brain.


BAHAHAHAHAHhahahahhhahahahaha! Your dad sounds HILARIOUS! I am laughing so hard I'm crying! Thank you for making my day!


I have to add my ewww's....... for the poop. But the Frog story is great! Something my kids would totally do. They catch bugs and put them in spider webs to see what the spider will do.

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