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Tuesday, October 20, 2009



Thanks for this! I am running a half-marathon on November 7th. I've only done a 5K before, and walked most of it. I've been following a training plan for the past six weeks. I did 5 miles yesterday and will be doing two long runs (8 and 10 miles) before the race-along with shorter runs during the week. At first it SUCKS and I HATE it, but somewhere around mile 3 I start feeling invincible. I'm shooting for your time-that would make me feel like Superwoman! Congrats on your accomplishment-it's definitely been an encouragement to me!


I am running my first half-marathon in less than two weeks. I've run a bunch of 10Ks over the past year or so and wanted to kick it up a notch, so I followed a nine week plan I found in Runners World that fit my experience perfectly: http://www.runnersworld.com/article/0,7120,s6-238-244-258-6851-0,00.html.

The site/magazine has lots of running plans for any distance and any level of running experience (I used some of their plans for 10K training too.) Just thought I'd share in case people were looking for other resources...

I too run with an ipod and have enjoyed doing most of my long runs in Sept/Oct when the weather in New England is most cooperative and the people watching is at its peak (shoot me now if I ever decide to go for a full marathon and have to train during the winter.)

It took a while (like YEARS), but I honestly LOVE running now and even though it is still damn hard work, it is absolutely worth it and most days I can't wait to lace up.

Anyway, congrats on your achievement Emily! I'm hoping my half is equally as satisfying and empowering. :)


So glad you posted this. I'm new to running and lover reading about everyone's individual training plans. And I'm with you on running outside. A treadmill isn't an option, anyway (no money to buy one and no time for the gym), so I hope to stay motivated through the cold months when I'd rather stay inside and snuggle under blankets.


Thank you!! I'm in your boat, with an almost 3 year old and a 10 month old, and I was wondering how you fit it into your evenings.

I think that everyone wants to know, because you aren't an expert, you're just like us, and you did it!!!! Yay!


I ran a half marathon in 06 and since then I have had a baby and am back to being able to only run a mile and maaaybe a mile and a half TOPS. I am still proud to say that I know I can do a half again if I put my mind to it! I would love to do one again someday, but for now, I am continuing with the "Maybe next year" plan! :)


All good advice. I freaking LOVE Runner's World ... it is so helpful and motivating for me (and I keep most of them by the toilet so I can dog ear good articles for my team .... MULTITASKING AT ITS FINEST!).


This really makes me want to run more...and also makes me feel really lazy, because I know that I am not going to run 5+ days a week. At least, yet.

But I'd like to run some races next season, so just as soon as I'm not sick for the billionth time, I'll begin (again).


I'm like Penny. Reading your post makes me want to run more (and I have NO excuse because I have a treadmill), but I also know myself and know that I don't yet have it in me to force myself to run daily.

I look to you and my best friend for inspiration. She has run several marathons and even at 5 months pregnant, is still running 3-4 days a week.


I never ran in a marathon earlier, but this Sunday i am going to run in a half marathon !

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