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Wednesday, September 10, 2008



I don't have a teddy bear, he's a Polar Bear, His name is Snuffles (http://www.tystoybox.com/ttp/GUND-Plush-Small-Snuffles-Polar-Bear/products_id/115097.html?keywords=snuffles) and he is very fierce. He will kick your ass, or attempt to snuffle you with cuteness; it depends on his mood.


i had the best stuffed frog growing up. he had a hole under his arm and his beads kept falling out though. my way to "mend" him was to bandage it up. he looked as though he'd been injured in the civil war when i was through.


oh and a stuffed pink poodle, aptly named pierre.


My daughter's favorite stuffed animal, and the ONLY one she has ever asked for by name is a frog. A frog that's as big as she is at 21 months old. When she calls it her "woggie" though, well, yeah, it's kinda adorable.


I've seen stuffed snakes. And stuffed sharks, complete with pointy fabric fangs. That was a real head-scratcher. I think someone at the Ty stuffed animal manufacturing division was snuffing too much glue when they came up with those.


My son has a stuffed tiger (technically a Tigger) but his current favorite is a stuffed armadillo. My mother bought it for me years ago because we both thought it was so cute, and I had it in my closet because what adult has a stuffed armadillo lying around? And then Nathan came along and took to it.


We have hundreds of stuffed toys in our house. Including a stuffed black rat called Ratty Guy and a stuffed water buffalo. Called Horny. Fill in your own punchline.


I can't believe you didn't mention rats in your post...there's a dearth of stuffed rats out there and you certainly must understand why after your little run-in this weekend. Ewww.


I had a stuffed koala when I was little that was my favorite. And a lamb.


AAAUUGGHH!!! Oh my god, I would have seriously considered chopping off my foot. Dead rat???!! EW!!
Ryan doesn't have a stuffed chicken but he does have a really obnoxious chicken toy that rolls around the room and plays banjo music. it's become a running gag in my family to pass it around.
P.S. how are you such a cute pregnant lady? 7 weeks and already my pants don't fit, I eat constantly, and I'm breaking out EVERYWHERE. you must share your secret. :)

Anonymous New York

I had a stuffed platypus that I loved as a child. That's an unusual animal. My current favorite stuffed animals are penguins.

One Smart Cookie

The List of Things Adults Have To Pay For That SUCK is waaaaaay too long.

Also, when I was kid I once stepped outside barefoot and stepped right onto a slug. To this day, I never ever walk around barefoot, even in the house!


I am giggling and shuddering simultaneously from your rat story.


My best friend has an obsession with rhinos. So to her stuffed rhinos are cute, I guess.

But, rabbits. Rabbits are terrifying rabies carrying rodents and stuffed ones should be outlawed!


anna has a frog. in a TUTU!


You are making me feel quite unprepared for our spawn in December.


We have a stuffed GOAT.

Also, I am not thinking about that rat.


What is wrong with a stuffed tiger, may I ask? Tigers are beautiful!

But I do agree with your general premise that there are some animals that just do not translate well to the stuffed version. Like POSSUMS. My (very Southern) dad & stepmom bequeathed the pet name "Possum" on my son before he was born, and somehow, somewhere, they found a stuffed possum that they sent as part of a shower gift. That thing was HIDEOUS--had the pink, hairless tail, big hairless feet, the whole bit. My son never saw that thing, as I was afraid it would give him nightmares. (Hell, it gave ME nightmares!) I don't think I even sent it to Goodwill, to be honest, because it was just so godawful.

So you'll believe me--this is it: http://www.tapirback.com/tapirgal/gifts/friends/marsupials/opossum-stuffed-animal-f788.htm

And a final note--for the love of God, don't google "stuffed possum," because aside from this gem, you get RECIPES. I am going to go vomit now.


Gah! A dead rat?? I probably would've vomited and then chewed my own foot off.

That is why I do not go places where I might have a chance encounter with wildlife/dead animals/nature.


It took me three weeks and I don't know how many stores before I finally found a stuffed turtle for my daughter during her "tee-toe" obsession. I finally found a Webkinz one at Hallmark, of all places. And she does have a stuffed elephant (named "Ellie" of course) who is supremely huggable.


I'm not registered on parents - but i wanted to say that my little sister's birthday is december 24, and while it wasn't always her favorite, it has become a wonderful family tradition. It's nice because our family doesnt all live in the same town, so we don't typically see each other for birthdays. But she gets all of our undivided attention AND she gets a present for sure! (we have always made a special point of making sure all the siblings give her a "birthday" and a "christmas present".) We also always have a birthday party at chuck E. cheese (yes, we are all in our twenties, thankyouverymuch and did you happen to know that Chuck E Cheese serves beer and wine?), then go to a movie, home for last minute wrapping of christmas presents, and then midnight mass. The bday girl now says she plans to get married on dec 23 so she can have THREE CONSECUTIVE DAYS OF GIFTS in december. She has promised us floorlength green velvet bridesmaid dresses. Anyways- i just wanted to present the case that it doesnt ALWAYS have to suck to have a birthday near christmas...


I hardly ever see stuffed turtles. And I love turtles. D=


regarding your title... I am sure you were 100% adorable, wart/s and all.
:) Becky


I just found you and am loving you archives!! I linked you in my blog post today when I read your Aug 15th post...hello sis!


Excuse me...that should read YOUR archives, I couldn't just let it go.

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