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Friday, May 30, 2008



I most definately shower with my back to the water. Not only because I don't want water in my face the whole time, but my nipples (gross word) are sensitive and it hurts to have the beads of water spraying on them ( I know TMI but it's true) throughout the whole shower. I never really thought about the news anchors talking to each other instead of the audience, but now that's all I'll notice.


Oh- I totally agree with you! I ALWAYS shower facing away from the water.

Along the same topic... I can't STAND IT when face-wash commercials show people washing their face by splashing handfuls of water on themselves while standing upright. Where does all that water go? Do they like getting water all over the floor and the wall behind them?!

Maybe I should start a facebook group... :)


I have not thought about the shower thing before, but you are SO RIGHT!

I don't know about you, but one of my main purposes for being in the shower to begin with is washing my hair, and who can do THAT facing the showerhead, huh? WHO?

Also, water pelting the nipples (SORRY!), pregnant or no, is one of those things that advertising execs (slash MEN) THINK must be relaxing, but is, in fact, the OPPOSITE of relaxing.


I shower with my back to the water. Doesn't everybody?


Ok. Delurking to say that I most definitely face away from the shower spray, mostly because I HATE getting water in my eyes and nose. But. I will admit that I occasionally face the shower head and pretend to be in a soap/shampoo commercial. I'll swing my long flowing locks (read: short, volumeless hair) behind my shoulders and grin like it's a mini shower orgasm. And then I'll choke and sputter and cough up all the water I just inhaled, and realize what an idiot I am. Sheesh. Now I'm embarrassed.


It appears that you and I are not as completely in synch on bathroom-related issues as we had thought. I face the shower head and only turn away to rinse my hair or shave my legs. I just fix the shower head so that the water hits me pretty much square in the sternum. I hadn't ever thought about advertisers validating my shower-facing preferences, but it is kind of nice to know that I am doing it correctly.

Someone Being Me

I have wondered the exact same thing about showering too. Why is it that in movies and commercials they all face the showerhead? I also face away. Glad I am not the only one. It's not something you really ask others.


Not only do I not face the water, but I sit down. For whatever reason if I get in the shower first thing in the morning, I just don't have the energy to stand there. The thing that annoys me most is how excited they are and how much they seem to enjoy the shower. I like being clean and all, but it doesn't send me in to the ecstasy they seem to be having. I never watch the news. I would rather read it, that way I can pick and choose what I want to know. So that one is not a problem for me. It's funny the little irks that people have.


I also face away from the shower head. I have never thought about this until now, those people in commercials have no idea what they are doing!


I definitely face away from the water. I also pee while I'm in the shower. I know you didn't ask, but I'm sure you were wondering.

Dr. Maureen

"And they’ve got their eyes closed, their heads tilted back, some smirky little half-smile… and what else? What else are each and every one of them doing?"

I can't be the only one whose mind went to the gutter with that question. That said, I let the shower hit me in the back.

And did you use my name as the example anchorperson because you are feeling a little guilty about ignoring me? Hmmmm?


I am a water-facer. However my favorite is the hand held nozzle so I can direct the water only in the location that I want it to go. That's kind of weird too now that I think about it. (My husband likes the rain shower but I always feel like I'm drowning.)

And I will totally take that toy box off your hands - can come by & get it any time!! I have spent 17+ months looking for one I like. Since I haven't had any luck, I will take a free one in a second.


I also face away from the showerhead. I don't understand how you can stand there smiling, while you're being pelted in the face.

And I have to totally agree with Becky's comment about face-washing. If I just splash water it usually a)doesn't take the soap off and b)ends with me having water all over my shirt and down my arms!

Wickedly Scarlett

You can mark me down as another person who showers with her back to the shower head. You know what else is annoying? When people wash their faces in commercials, and they lean over this pristine white sink full of water and take this huge handful of the water and splash it in a tossing fashion all over their face and the surrounding area. It's all very lovely and refreshing looking in slow motion like that, but it is not the most effective way to wash ones face. Or keep one's bathroom floor dry.


i'm definitely a face-the-wall kinda gal. i absolutely despise getting water on my face, so watching people shower facing the water makes me uncomfortable. my ex used to do it all the time though. he said it was refreshing.


Uh, what? I face the water. As do the people I took a quick poll of in the office. And uh, everyone else I've ever seen in the shower or been in the shower with (WHICH IS NOT MANY PEOPLE).


Definitely a water-facer. Only turn away to rinse hair or shave legs.


I have thought about the shower thing. i face away from the shower head. My 5 year old son has started taking showers and I'm teaching him to do it this way. I tell him to walk backwards into the water and put his head back/look up to rinse out the shampoo. This is the proper way to shower.


I like the commercials about what motherhood does to your hair. Those women don't take any showers in the commercials. What mother has the time?


As a water-facer, I totally thought I'd be in the majority... apparently this is not the case. I mean, are your shower heads set to "Power Wash" or something? Maybe I just have a wussy shower (although, if that were the case, this mess of hair on my head would never get clean) but I never feel as though I'm being pelted.

I am going to have to try this wall-facing thing. I'm not sure I'm smart enough to figure out how to get myself clean when I feel like I'm doing everything backwards ;)


I always face away from the water. It's so annoying otherwise. I always assumed most people do it this way, apparently I was wrong!! Someday, I want a shower with the water streaming down from overhead...then it dosn't matter which way you face!


OK, so I worked as a news anchor for a CBS affiliate (until I had my kid and quit my job- TV jobs are hell for family life). ANYWAY, I hear you on the "ignoring the viewer" thing. It always bugged the crap out of me.

It also bugged me everytime another anchor would say, Thank you, Steve! to the reporter. HELLO, it's his JOB. He's not doing you a favor, Mr. News Anchor. And chances were, you weren't even listening to his report to even know what you are thanking him FOR. Anway, rant over.

And I, too, face away from the showerhead. Sensitive nipples unite!!


I am delurking because your post reminded me of something I had forgotten - when I was a child and graduated to showers from baths, I asked my mom if I was doing it wrong because I faced away from the water and everyone on TV faced the water. :P So, I'm a Water Facer Away-er and proud of it. :D


I mostly shower with my back to the water, but occasionally don't mind facing the water.

I love Asher's new toy box, very cute! Hope you're able to find a new home for the older one. :)


Yep, I face away from the water, too. In addition to all the reasons you mentioned, for some reason I feel COLDER if I am facing the shower and I HATE feeling cold in the shower. My showers have to be hot, hot, hot. And I incrementally increase the temp as I go so at the end it is about like a hot tub. I know, I know - dries out the skin. But I don't care!

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