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Thursday, April 10, 2008



Children's is a terrific hospital, thanks for the update. Emily, I live in Boston, so if you or they need anything, feel free to email me. Best wishes.


I too live in Boston and offer up anything I can to help.


Longtime lurker letting you know that I too am in the Boston area and can help out if needed.


I'm glad they found somewhere relatively close to home. Thanks for keeping us updated! And still very much thinking of Emily.


Another person who lives in Boston offering to help!


I'm glad to hear that they've found a place for treatment; I feel very optimistic for Emily! I wish I lived in Boston so that I could ply them with hospitality, but alas am in Texas. Will have to continue to think extra-good thoughts for them from afar.


I live in Boston and I'd be happy to bring a meal by or something. Feel free to give them my contact info.


Hi Emily-I also live in Boston and have a very dear friend who is a nurse in the oncology unit of that hospital. She's a wonderful nurse and a very comforting presence. I'll be sure to tell her about Emily and her parents. I'm sure she'll be happy to help in any way she can...


Such great news! I'll continue to think about them - lots.


I'm so glad that they have a place to send little Emily. Dr. Keiran is from my Alma Mater....which makes me proud! God bless them all!


I hope the flight goes well and that Brian can be with them soon. My prayers are also with them!


Another longtime lurker chiming in to say, I too live in Boston and am happy to help if I can.


Yet another long time lurker and occasional commenter coming out to say that I too live in Boston and am happy to help in any way.

my life is brilliant

Wow ... all those comments above: amazing.

Who knew a blog could be such a blessing?


Blogs are great! Look at all the people coming together. I am truly touched but the outpouring of affection I see daily through blogs =) I'm not sure if you believe in this but my mom has a dear friend who prays with a healer every Friday. this man is known worldwide and supposedly his gift is extremely powerful. He claims to have a religious picture (of Mary, I think) that bleeds holy oil and they will send you some if you ask. I am not very religious but do believe in the power of prayer. Check out the site rayofhopefoundation.com. Our thoughts and prayers are with Emily, Katie and Brian.


My thoughts are with them and I will be following along to see how things turn out for them. Please give them some big hugs when you're able.. a hug from all of us strangers that are pulling for that sweet little girl. No one should have to go through so much, especially a child.


Emily, what wonderful news! Children's is an EXCELLENT hospital, and as you know, DFCI is tops. Thanks for keeping us posted, I am thrilled to hear that Dr. Kieran will be able to treat Emily.

(as other have offered...)Shoot me an email if there is anything I can do to help out Brian and Katie while they are up here with Emily


We can go to ANY Bank of America, and ALL we need is her name, no account number or anything?

God bless you for doing this.

Kathy Ramsey

If I do want to donate through PayPal rather than B of A, what is the email address to enter? Thank you so much for reporting on this family. I really wish I could do something substantial for them in person.


I'm in Boston too! I'll figure out something to do for them on my own, but feel free to pass on my email as well, if there is anything specific they need. I'm on maternity leave, so I'm home all day twiddling my thumbs and eating bonbons :)

Dave Mandell (The Godfather)

This is so great to see. Brian and Katie are such quality and kind people that it warms me to see that so many care. We are all in the understanding "WHATEVER IT TAKES" and so just want to say thanks from Savannah. I personally am looking forward to threatening Emilys first boyfriend, as Godfather, that sounds nice



I just stumbled across this page. I saw the picture of Emily and it was amazing what similarity she has with my little boy Elijah (19 months). And I was wondering if she is the same sunshine as he is. Elijah was born 11 weeks premature, due to that he had diverse problems, the worst was the 2 hemorrages in his brain (one a 2° and the other 3° in severity) causing seizures. He had his 1st operation for a shunt being only 11 weeks old. He needed a second shunt last year before his 1st birthday. So I can relate to what the Parents are going through. Alot of tears and prayer.
Although he went through so much, he is such a sweet, loving, and happy Child, he has the glory of GOD on him! Although I live in Germany, I´d like contact to the Parents, and help anyway I can. Please give them my email adress, I really have it on my heart to share my testimony with them. I believe this is no coincidence and I´d like to support them through prayer.

Thank you and GOD bless,
Sandra (Regensburg, Germany)

Liam Hogan

Mr. Mandell,

I don't know if you remember me, for you have had many students since I had been at Thoreau. I like to say though that you were one of my favorite teachers I've ever had. The other day at school I had learned about your daughter, Emily. I didn't really think of it at the time, but when I read this blog it struck me hard. I just want to say that I will be praying for you and best of luck to you and your family specifically Emily.

God bless,
Liam Hogan

mary and bill aspden

Hello Brian, Katie and sweet Emily,
We are happy to hear that you have found a great place to begin treatment. We are praying for you and of course wishing we could bring you dinner and sit and chat for a bit and read a book to Emily, as I know many people wish that too! We are in Doylestown, so let us know if there is anything we can help you with from here.

Warm hugs all around,
Mary and Bill

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