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Thursday, April 17, 2008



This post does my soul an infinite amount of good. Thank you. It's good to hear a woman say these things. Yay, you!


Good for you! I myself am working towards that goal. Getting closer....and harder at the same time. Your post came at a time when I needed it most.....much inspiration! Thank YOU!


If only all women spoke about themselves this way ...

Thanks for being so eloquent.

Ms. Runner



Good for you. For losing the weight and for choosing strong and healthy over size 6 obsession.

I'm trying to climb back on the wagon after my week-long Girl Scout Cookie binge. It was worth it though.

Carla Hinkle


It shows how messed up I am about what weights look like (including for myself) that I never in a million YEARS would have thought you weigh 140. You look like about 120 to me. I guess I should just say, you look fantastic.

I joined WW online on Feb 29 partly from hearing about it on your website, and it has been great!


I've been sitting here trying to think of something to say but nothing even comes close! Thanks for having the courage to be bien dans sa peau as an example for the rest of us.


Congratulations to you - you put in the hard work and reaped the reward. You are making me want to join weight watchers one more time and give it a go.


Emily - you are awesome. Congratulations on your anniversary. It really is a big deal. In reading this post I am reminded why it is that I read your blog in the first place - you are so genuine and sincere. Your incredible sense of humor is just icing on the cake.

As I've shared with you before, it was by your example that I joined WW myself last summer. I felt encouraged by your success and real proof that it was possible to be healthy and happy. Now, one month away from delivering this baby, I find that I am so excited to get back to it because I know that it works....not only for you but for me too! :-) This time around, the pre-pregnancy clothes don't seem so out of reach. And that is a nice feeling.

Annie Parsons

This post rocked my world. I'm going to chew on your words for awhile - I know it. Thank you.


I think i felt the same way until a couple weeks agi when i realized that I didnt care anymore, (Yes ia m one of thise girls that doesnt gain weight and my matabolism is fast) but after i had a baby that extra 5 lbs wasnt comming off and now I dont care anymore, cause i feel good in my body and I think im hott. Im so proud that you wrote this blog. its an issue many people deal with and cant get over. But you did and thats FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!


That was one HELL of a post.


Wonderful, wonderful post. You are inspiring.


What a great success story! You look fantastic.


congrats em!
i am proud of you.


If only women everywhere could say the same about themselves. If only mothers everywhere could teach their daughter this same thing. If only society would encourage and market this attitude instead of the anorexic, unhealthy bodies they parade before us. Regardless of what the scale says, confidence is the sexiest, most attractive quality in a person, and you, my dear, seem to have it in spades.


Good for you! I love to hear stories like this. I, too, am at that point in my life. I joined Nutrisystem in Sept 07 and within 5 months I lost 41 lbs. I feel better than ever and like getting dressed in the mornings. I no longer have to say "I'd be happy if I could lose 30 lbs". It's a great feeling and although I beat myself up for not doing it sooner, I'm glad that I was finally to the point in my life that I knew I was worth it. Congrats - I know you're an inspiration for many!

All Adither

Nicely said. Now, can we have a pic?

strange bird

That is awesome. It made me happy to read this.


I just talked about my love of WW yesterday. I lost almost 50 lbs about 3 years ago and I love my body now even though I do struggle still with maintaining it and my own mental image.


Delurking here. . .
Congratulations on your achievements, on finding personal happiness and contentment with the body you were meant to have:) Reading this this morning puts a smile on my face. Refreshing to read such a healthy attitude towards weight loss and body image.


Dude. DUDE.

This post makes me want to do the watusi around my office and then come down there and give you a hug.

Because HOW REFRESHING (and also, of course, how great that you reached your goals and feel good -- woo!). I've had it with reading about/listening to body/body image angst. I wish everyone would adopt your attitude of being healthy for its own sake, and reaching a place of peace about what our bodies are meant to look like based on God, genetics, etc.

Also, I have to say that everyone I know who has done Weight Watchers has had phenomenal success with it. Thumbs up to WW for helping people change their lifestyle, not just crunch on celery and hate themselves.


Stands up and applauds.

You are awesome!


Your post is an encouragement to me, Emily, and got me thinking lots of things. I've just recently realized that I inherited my body image problems from my mom, who came by them honestly through a dysfunctional childhood. It's challenging to me to realize that I'm standing in a position now where I can either pass these same foolish issues on my my daughter or do something much harder and end this generational nonsense right now. Your success makes me feel like that's something within reach, and I appreciate your sharing it.


Excellent, and congrats on it! I need stories like this as I've started on the road to whittling my own ass down. I knew it would be hard.. and that's why I put it off for so many years. I'm determined now though. I just need to get my food under control(eating the right things, right portions, and at the right Times.... those are what I struggle with most!) and then I might see some results.

Way to go!!

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