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Thursday, February 14, 2008



You left me wanting a picture of said wedding dress. And. The prom dress. Thankyouverymuch. (You tell a story about a dress that looks like toilet paper, and we don't even get to see it?)
BTW, it's a great story. Like a movie, I kept hoping you'd end up together, even though I actually knew that you would.

Nothing But Bonfires

This could have been my relationship. No, seriously. I mean, HAVE YOU EVER SEEN SEAN AND DAVE IN THE SAME PLACE AT THE SAME TIME? It's awfully similar circumstances, is all I'm saying.


Yes, I'm with Mandi - we need pictures!

What a sweet story, though. I like it, and I hope you and Dave have many more wonderful years together.

Rachel Lutterman

that is a sweet story! That inspires me to write a post about how i went from a "me" to a "we."


I'll try to find and scan a couple of pictures this afternoon!


That is a good story. I think I knew from the get-go that my husband and I would be together forever, and I might even have said we should get married only a few weeks into dating (I was INCREDIBLY drunk that night). We had our ups and downs though, and at one point he was in our kitchen (yes, we lived together in sin) and asked me if he needed to find somewhere else to live. Thankfully he didn't, and now we have a gorgeous 15 month old! Unfortunately, the hubby's in Iraq (for the second freaking time), so said 15 month old is my Valentine today. I hope you have a GREAT Valentine's Day with both of your boys!!


I soooooo want to see that prom picture!!

chatty cricket

You guys rock. I love the story, it's so real life. :)

It reminds me of how Sweetie proposed to me while we were randomly sitting around our apartment eating pizza in our sweatpants. He had an entire elaborate plan all worked out for the next day that involved his parents (um?)and hiding the ring on a golf course so I'd find it in the hole after putting, but then he abandoned the dream and opted for pizza and our sweats because he said it just felt "more like us." He was so right. I love him.


You're a great storyteller, Emily. Thanks for sharing-- and for answering my request :)

Now get your scanner cranking and show us some photos!!


That is a story for our times. Perfect for you and Dave. I love it. Happy Valentine's Day. I'm glad toilet paper was not brought up on your wedding day. You always make me laugh. Thank you!


Well, I've read a lot of VD posts today and this one is by far my favorite. Great story.


Wow. I realize now that I love your blog because we are basically the same person- kind of scary actually how much we have in common!

By the way, what is it about church youth groups that encourages such rampant "dating around?" It sort of weirds me out thinking about it now, but we all dated everybody - sometimes more than once - and nobody thought twice about it. I'm glad I'm not the only one to have that experience.

And I, too, hate the term "high-school sweethearts." Just too cheesed for me, but a label I am stuck with as well. Maybe we can come up with a suitable alternative. I will get on that immediately and report back!

Dr Maureen

OK, FIRST of all, what is the "dating around" I hear of in church youth groups? *I* was in a church youth group, and no one dated ME. Granted, I was in the group 'round about the time I was some sort of nerd pariah in a teeny tiny itsy bitsy school and the CYO was just as teeny, so maybe they were all dating each other and left me out. Oh well, screw 'em.

SECOND of all, this post is very sweet in a non-vomitous way, and I am now inspired to write about how Andrew and I met, but I don't think I'll get it up by the end of Valentine's Day. _Lost_ is on tonight, after all.


LOVE your story. Happy valentine's day.


It's a great story! And I would LOVE to see a picture of both dresses...


Despite your few attempts to mask it, your story is impossibly sweet.


That was a great story! So sweet. I wonder if the kids I taught in youth group will have a story like that.


Awwww that's a great story! (And, I'm sorry, much more romantic than you seem to think.) It totally beats my story of meeting my husband at a college party and thank goodness I'd had a lot of jello shots or I never would have had the nerve to talk to him.
By the way, I love your new bedroom and I wish I could hire you to design my house. here's what happens when I try to paint: the hubby picks the color, "Hawaiian Passion," and despite my protests that it's way too bright, he insists. 2 months later I am NOT used to it and I still feel like my living room is the inside SpongeBob. so if I get ambitious enough to repaint the living room, do you think the color in your bedroom would look nice next to the color in your kitchen, which I also shamelessly stole from you? :)


What a truly fantastic story! Thank you so much for sharing.

And Happy Valentine's Day!


Such a sweet story, and quite similar to mine (complete with the mutual friend dating and moving away and being in love with my best friend who knew he loved me but had to be OH MY GOSH DEATHLY SURE because he couldn't hurt me and ... yeah, not about ME, this is YOUR blog.) So I'll stop now and wish you the happiest of Valentine's Days and be grateful that I'm not the only person in the world who has done things this way. :)


Oh my gosh, how cute are you??? What a lovely story, and fabulous pictures.


What an awesome story. I am really impressed that you've remained friends with exes, too. Your wedding photos are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.

Dr Maureen

Very pretty wedding dress! And your hair was so shiny!

I posted our story and tried really hard to encompass the whole relationship, but I was using this post as a barometer, and it kept falling short, because you did such a nice job with this one. And now it sounds like I'm sucking up, but I'm really not!


Great story and beautiful pictures!


I love this.

I totally know the whole "can't date you because dating = instant marriage and I have to have a careeeeeeeer" obnoxiousness. Although later he had to talk ME into getting married, because I had my own stubborn and independent and I'm not going to give up everything for a BOY obnoxiousness. Sigh.

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