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Monday, October 02, 2006



This is incredibly thorough, but are you ACTUALLY going to bring all this stuff with you?


So you're bringing, what, 4 or 5 suitcases? Sheesh, I never realized how much crap one needs for this whole "delivery" thing.


I have been (im)patiently waiting for this! Thank you for publishing the completed list and especially for the added reasons & comments :) I don't have the nursery painted yet, but at least I have a list of what to pack for the hospital!

Hope you are feeling well.


Damn, I checked your site last night hoping you would have written my list for me and gave up and wrote my own (using your comments, of course). That'll teach me to be proactive. I could have waited one more day and just hit "print."

It's getting down to the wire! According to some sources, we are now full term. Do you feel any differently? Me, I think the baby's dropping, as it became fairly painful to walk over the past few days.


Just to clarify: PICK AND CHOOSE what would be appropriate for you to take along! If you plan to bring every single thing on this list? Then you should also rent some kind of moving truck.


Emily...only you could make a packing list for the hospital funny.
Love you...Ang


I just had my baby on Wed and let me tell you


Seriously. I haven't used toilet paper since Tues. Two words - squirt bottle.

Also, the hospital pediatrician recommended just filing down the baby nails instead of clipping them right away. It worked great. A lot of baby kits have baby files.


Mrs. S

Holy Crud! I think that is possibly the most complete (and entertaining) pack-for-the-hospital list I have ever read. Thanks, Emily, you rule!!

I just hope you have yours first, so you can tell us what you REALLY brought and what you REALLY needed. 'Cause I am so not packing 'til I go into labour. I think.


I am so excited that you are getting so close!

I had my son 12 days ago, and the thing that I wanted more than anything after delivery was Gatorade. My labor was pretty long, and after only having ice chips for the entire day and having an oxygen mask on, I just wanted a cold drink!

I also loved the squirt bottle! Just make sure the water is warm because that is no place to be squirting cold water!

Best of luck to you!



Thank you so much for doing all the work for me! Unfortunately I will probably be the person trying to bring it all--JUST IN CASE! A girl's gotta be prepared.
How was the pregnancy massage by the way? SO.JEALOUS.


TUCKS PADS! I swear if you don't take anything else, take those. Gift.From.God. Seriously.


I've been reading your post for a few months and feel the need to weigh in on this topic.

I had my daughter almost 2 years ago, and as she was 5 weeks premature, I was totally NOT prepared with the bag. And I did not have friends with kids or sisters to refer to for help even if I had had time to prepare. I was whisked away from my office directly to the hospital with nothing but a maternity pants suit and black flats. Luckily for me, she did not make an appearance until 24 hours later, so that gave me time to send my husband to our home 6 different times (seriously)
Anyway, I totally endorse the following:

Don't waste time on the TP. Squirt bottle good.

Take out menus=really good. My guess is you will be totally ravenous by the time the baby makes his appearance. In fact, my husband and my mother coached me through 1 and 1/2 hours of pushing by reminding me that Mr. Chow was waiting for my take out order.

Those meshy underwear and ice packs and Tucks pads make for very happy (at least comfortable) girl bits.

My best to you. I hope you find your experience to be as joyful and amazing as mine was.


I hope Dave at least rented the small U-Haul to carry all of this stuff.


i feel prepared, and i'm not pregnant, so you should be just fine ;)
target has this duffle bag on wheels, with a secret storage thing underneath - and it's huge, and cheap, because according to your post, there will be fluid every where, and you don't want fluid on your suitcases.
unless you wrap every thing in plastic... although that might be a bit much.


Wow. That is a very thorough list. My only advice is: don't take all of that, please! When both of my babies were born I found that I only needed very basic essentials. DO NOT bring thank you notes. That is ridiculous; SLEEP instead. In labor I did not need a lot of entertainment, I was busy. (At least with my son, my daughter was born on our bathroom floor-we didn't make it to the hospital!) Bring outfits to wear home and what you will need to shower. Maybe bring something to wear other than a hospital gown. But I suggest going to Wal-Mart and buying the really cheap nursing gowns so that you are wearing something of your own, but you don't care if the fluids get on it. Good luck to you! It is a wonderful experience. (P.S. don't be scared about the bathroom floor birth, I think it's pretty uncommon)


Ummm...photo? How not-huge are you?


PS: I LOVED the mesh panties. I even reused them for a month after. I had totally forgotten until you mentioned them. I had a sudden surge of remembrance for that sweet time (labor/delivery). Honest to God. It's so much fun and excitement.


If you can, an air mattress for the husband/support person is priceless. My husband had to go in for an emergency chiropractic appointment and massage the day after my daughter's birth (while she was in the NICU, no less) because the hospital pull out "bed" did such a horrific number on him.

My I suggest (insist) on the breast friend pillow over the boppy. No, really.

And ixnay on the thank you notes because. Well, just because. You should sleep when the baby sleeps. First lesson.


Hey! Glad to see some of my suggestions made the cut!

Also-where's my photo, Willis?


And by my photo, I meant the ones you promised us.

Unless you *want* a pic of me? I'll email that right over...


This list is awesome. I didn't have the energy to go through your 96 comments about the hospital bag, but you've summed it up greatly.

Since my bag is already packed - I'm going to have to pack another backpack with about 6-10 additional things you've mentioned here that sound really good. Thanks Em :)


Also, you must read this:



I had no idea there was so much to pack! I better start now and I'm not even pregnant or married.

my life is brilliant

This list is funny AND informative! The hat is definitely my favorite.

And the snowsuit? Talk about being prepared! :)


the only thing I think that you may not really need is the toilet paper. Honey, after a vaginal birth you ain't going to be wiping ANYTHING. They will give you a squirt bottle and chances are good you will be using that for the next month. You will need some TP to dab off the excess wetness, but it won't matter if it is scratchy or not.

Also, yes on the nipple cream, as you will be nursing (colastrum) in the hospital. Unless you are in the hospital for 3-4 days your milk probably won't come in until you are home, so the breast pads are kinda useless.

Good Luck!

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