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Tuesday, September 26, 2006



Don't bring the book. I wanted throat lozenges after labor and all those meds.
And what a fun time you have to look forward to. It's so exciting to be in labor after all those months. Painful, yes. But totally exciting this-is-what-life-is feelings. I can't wait to hear about it. Isn't that funny? I don't even know you but I'm thrilled to hear the story:)


A couple of baby (receiving) blankets for the ride home. And just in case they don't send you home with any, a few diapers for the ride home also. You never know if you'll break down or not. Oh yeah, a hat (again, in case they don't give you one). I'll keep thinking.


I also was thankful that someone suggested to bring a pillow from home, the ones at the hospital can be uncomfortable - but that was just me. Good luck packing!!


Clothes you want to take your baby home in. Car seat. Can't leave the hospital without it in Texas.



Ooh, the throat lozenges are a great idea...I wanted those too. I also ate a lot of suckers during labor (no hard candy allowed, due to choking risk-weird, I know.)

I think the only other things I took that you haven't listed are:

1. I found a teeny tiny Boppy pillow, meant for helping hold the baby's head up in that gigantic car seat (or you can use rolled up blankets, but that thing was great.).

2. Pen and paper. I'm kind of a freak about lists, and thought of jillions of things I needed after the delivery. And no, I couldn't find any of that in the hospital room.

3. The baby book (if you're doing that). Mine had a page for the baby's hand and footprints, so I just sent the pages to the nursery and let the nurses do that.

I'm so excited for you!


I'm not expecting, but I've spent a fair bit of time in hospitals. I suggest a good book or three - if you don't read, that's fine, but if you don't have them with at all, it's murder. Also, a crossword or Sudoku book with a few pencils will help you out.

Are you allowed CD players in the room? If not, get an iPod or Discman (if you're stuck in 1998, like me).

I also like bringing some sort of comfort food, like M&Ms or other such candy.


Ummmm...hate to tell you, but you won't need to bring your own maxi pads since you will need the ENORMOUS ones they will give you at the hospital. I'm not joking. They are like an adult diaper without the leg holes. And you will need them and be thankful for them. Gross, but true. And you will get the "fishnet underwear" to put them in, so you probably don't need more than 1 pair of your own. Ha ha! Have fun! Love, Ang


The pillows are a must.

I had those little individual alchol prep pads that I would use for the umbilical stump...made life easier that stump drove me nuts.

Your husband can bring the car seat on go home day.

I hated pads too but I bought the over night ones longer and more absorbent...just like stuffing a pillow between your legs.

Snacks for your husband...so you can make him feel guilty for eating while you are starving and not allowed.

Good luck...you will not believe how amazing it is when they hand you your son.

I am so excited for you!!


NON THONG UNDERWEAR? They make such an atrocity?


I've been reading your blog for a few months now, and I am finally de-lurking to leave a comment! Thanks for the tips on what to pack, I am due in December and have no CLUE what to bring to the hospital with me!
By the way, LOVE your blog, you rock!


Maybe your personal phone book and a calling card? Of course, if you're living in this century, you'll have all those numbers stored in your cell phone, but you can't use your cell in most hospitals (despite what you see on Grey's Anatomy). So if you've got long-distance calls to make to announce the arrival, get a calling card.

And I second the maxi-pad info. Grab as many of those bad boys as you can when your nurse isn't looking. And probably don't bother with the pjs, either. You'll likely be sweating & leaking profusely (to put it delicately) after the delivery, and you may just want to stay in hospital-issue garb until you leave.

Most importantly? Be sure you're stocked up on People and US Weekly. There's no time like labor to get caught up on Jessica, Angelina and Fergie, if you ask me.


90% of what I packed never came out of the bag. Here's what I did use:

1)Lip balm
2)Ponytail holders
3)My own pillow
4)Several pairs of socks (yes, they do get blood and "fluids" on them. Gross, I know.)
5)Personally, I liked wearing the hospital mesh underwear. It was very comfortable, and trust me, all sorts of business is happening down there, including gigantor hospital maxi pads and ice packs, and those underwear hold everything in place.
6)Toiletries for showering.
7)Going home clothes.

You are going to do GREAT!! I can't wait to hear the news. :)


p.s. - you will probably want to stay in your hospital gown due to the fluids and leaking, so pjs probably aren't necessary. :)


Any one I've ever known that's had a baby and was nursing always ended up sending their husband out for nipple cream, so I suggest that and breast pads. Good luck


This is a dumb question, but what size are your baby clothes? The only reason I ask is that my mom, every year on my birthday, likes to tell me how they had all these clothes for me and then I came 2 weeks early and they had to go buy me smaller clothes because I would pull up my legs, get stuck in my clothes and scream. That's the only thing I can add. I can't believe it's almost time already!


I just went through this 3 weeks ago! I have been reading your blog for a while now, but had to post on this one!!

I was definitely loving the ginormous mesh undies they give you in the hospital. It holds in the mega pads and ice packs that they also give you.

I agree with everyone else about the nursing pjs. I brought some, but I was such a bloody and sweaty mess that I didn't want to wear them.

I brought some copies of Real SImple magazine and I definitely had time to read them when baby wasn't with me.

I'm so excited for you!! Enjoy your baby --- hopefully it will be very soon.


After reading all these posts, I say opt for a scheduled c-section. That cuts down significantly the necessity of those ginormous pads. I only needed a few, had no ice packs, and my socks were just fine, thank you!


Definitely bring your own pillow. Just make sure you put on a pillowcase you don't care about. Have hubby bring his own pillow too if he's staying overnight with you.

Snacks/drinks for hubby are a must.

My husband brought a tennis ball to rub my back (that 14 hours would have worn out his hands!).

Magazines with lots of pictures so it doesn't take a lot of concentration. I brought magazines although I didn't get to read them--I couldn't even watch TV due to the pain (my epidural was patchy). But your experience will most likely not be like mine.

Honestly, I wouldn't use your own underwear or pads until you get home. They probably won't be able to, um, contain everything. Use the ones they give you at the hospital, because those first 48 hours are really messy. Take home extras too. The nurses are usually cool about giving you stuff to take home.

I wore the hospital gowns during my stay and put my own robe over them when I walked the halls. There is just too much leaking from various body parts that would get on your own clothes/pjs.

I didn't bring clothes for Oliver except for his going-home outfit. The first 24 hours the babies have to be swaddled in 2 blankets and a hat to keep warm (at least this was the policy at my hospital), so you wouldn't see the clothes anyway. They'll be swaddled in 1 blanket the second day. And they'll also be sleeping most of the time the first two days, so I just figured I'd save on laundry while I could.

Lanolin--if you're going to breastfeed. If I could do it again I'd start using it from day one so I wouldn't get so painfully sore.

And finally: DERMOPLAST. It's a numbing spray for, you know, down there. AND YOU WILL NEED IT. If they don't give it to you at the hospital, ask about it, or get your husband to buy it over-the-counter somewhere. Trust me on this one. The ice packs help, but Dermoplast will be your best friend.


I loved having my iPod once I got the epidural and could attempt to rest for a while- it helped me block out all the comings and goings in the room and the sports on TV my husband was watching while he waited. I had a Boppy nursing pillow which I brought in- still not sure if it simplified or complicated matters. My book(s) went unopened as labouring through the night left me too tired to even contemplate reading. I was super-pleased that I'd brought an industrial strength cover-stick to hide the bags under the eyes the next day when we had visitors and photos- made me almost look human. Also I second the person who mentioned the baby clothes size issue. My daughter was not small- 8lb 11oz but the Newborn size outfit was huge on her- we had to roll up the waist and legs of the pants for them to fit. Somehow in my hormonal state it seemed to matter alot- I was in the Mall of America a few days postpartum on a mission for smaller clothes for her. Yes I regretted that decision about half way round the mall! Also don't forget to steal everything in your room- diapers, maxipads, the squirty peri bottle!

Dee Dee

Yeah, mints for your husband so his bad breath after many hours of labor doesn't drive you over the edge. Use the mesh undies and take as many as the gigantic maxi pads from the hospital as you can. They are bigger than anything that you bought. Also, the ice packs are fantastic. I was able to take a few home too! Usually, you can take everything disposable in your room like diapers, pads, alcohol swabs and you'll get to keep the squeeze bottle for use at home.

Ask the nurses about getting you some Tucks and Proctofoam if you end up having lots of pain "down there."

I LOVED having my own pillow.

Good luck and keep us posted as to the final contents of The Bag.


You really may not need to bring your own maxi pads. The hospital should provide you with the most enormous ones you've ever laid eyes on. I don't think you can buy those big ones in any normal store. They should also provide you with the cooling pads which are SO awesome. Raid your hospital room and take everything home with you. Honestly they will just throw the stuff away when you leave. I don't think you'll have time to read. During visiting hours, your room will be filled with visitors in and out all day. And when they are gone you'll want to sleep or spend some quiet time w/ Dave and the baby. I didn't bring a pillow from home, but that probably would have been nice. I recommend bringing some ponytail holders and/or a headband. I wore the headband during labor to keep my hair out of my face. I don't typically wear headbands but it was great. Don't worry too much about it though, with both of your family's in town, someone can run out and get you anything you forget.


I'm providing this assvice, oops, I mean, advice courtesy of what I saw my SIL needed during her 2 births:

*Definitely bring your own pillows, both for you and Dave. Neither my brother, nor my SIL did this with the first birth, but for the 2nd, they brought about 5.

*If it's that cold in the room, Dave might want to bring a throw or light blanket for himself, since the hospital covers are crap.

*Breast pads

*Some sort of nipple cream

*lotion & chapstick-the air in hospitals is so dry

*Instead of pj's, go the dollar store and get one of those front-closure, gramma-type mumu housedresses. It covers more than the hospital gown, opens for easy BF access, and you can just throw it away w/o feeling guilty b/c it's so cheap. I don't know how modest you are, but my SIL definitely is, and she was most comfy in one of these when there were people in the room, or if she wandered down the hall. This way, you don't have to worry about your butt cheeks shining to everyone ;) .

*I'm going to also say: don't worry about the panties and pads. Seriously. With both births, my SIL had to continually use the hospital grade maxis during her stay, and they won't fit properly into your underwear, unless you've bought them 3x too big. I even had to use these when I had a laperoscopy for my endo in 2000. I woke up in the recovery room with mesh underwear and huge pad between my legs-I don't even want to picture the doctor or nurse putting them on me-it's too mortifying.

And don't forget, Dave is there for more than just the birth of his son, and support for you. He's there to run home or to the store should the need arise. Your parents and (maybe) Erik would also be more than glad to stop by the house should you need something after arriving at the hospital.

Oh, and definitely have them bring you and Dave food (5 Guys anyone?). Hospital food is gross, and you'll need to eat to keep up your strength and for the breast feeding. My SIL loved me when I showed up with McDonald's for her and my brother the day after she birthed my niece.

Sounds like your son may decide to show up a little early? Or, he's just well-prepared like his Mommy?


I'm going to have to echo all the comments about the pads. And have a package of Overnight Pads at home. (I was told Kotex was best if you end up needing stiches, they don't have that "dry weave" other have that end up sticking to them and irritating them.) I liked my book and a DVD we brought for the 2 days of recovery. Of course we didn't have as many visitors. But newborns sleep lots, so while it's fun to hold him, there are times you just want to veg post delivery--and books or DVDs are great for that! I'd have to agree with most everything else. Oh, I never thought to use the chapstick, but that was just me. Best of luck!


do you have more luggage?

ps.. i can't wait for your google search results, with all the nipple and pad talk!


I just had a baby two weeks ago and found that: yes, definitely bring your own pillow. Hospital ones are made of plastic, and while they're nice and bendy for squishing into places you never thought you'd need a pillow, they're not so great for your head. Also, when I packed my bag, I threw in 3 "coming home" outfits for the baby....who knew what the weather would be like?! But they came in handy - at the last minute I had to have a c-section, which meant I would be in the hospital twice as long as I'd anticipated....and frankly, as I started feeling better it gave me back a bit of a sense of control to be able to dress my baby in his own clothes. Along with the c-section bit - it may be wise to "unpack" or at least lesson your dependence on your preconcieved ideas of how everything's going to go. Babies have a mind of their own when it comes to how they're going to make their debut, I've learned. Remembering that the most important result is a healthy baby and healthy mommy allowed me to throw that birthing plan out the door and let the doctors do what they really needed to do. Good luck - you're in our thoughts and prayers!

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