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Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Dee Dee

You look great! I would never guess that you were even close to having cankles :-) Grocery shopping isn't bad with one - esp. when he is in the infant carrier. My new secret is that I go shopping at Wegmans and the one that I go to has child care! Yes, Child Care in the supermarket. The kid has to be 3 years old or older but that at least lets me shop with only one child so I get to avoid the dreaded truck cart or bench cart which is similar to driving a Suburban down the aisles. You'll do great!


You look so pretty! I'm sure you are going to be a fabulous mom. No worries.


Not only are you beautiful and look cute pregnant and have awesome taste in accessories...


I am officially 100% jealous of you.

I tried to keep the weight under control. Alas, it was not to be.

I'm wearing ugly, no, Fugly!-ass shirts my friend loaned me because they are the only things big enough to accommodate my stomach wihtout showing the bottom of it to strangers. Oh, and my ass? Yeah...you can only imagine.

Me so purty. 34 weeks on Friday.

People say it's all baby and I don't look like I gained as much as I have but I don't believe them. Plus, I know I'll cry maniacally (sp?) when the baby is out and I'm just a lard-ass with a squishy tummy and leaky boobs.

Want to be really jealous? Go to www.whoorl.com and look at her Belly at 40 weeks pic. I swear, the woman doesn't even look like she was ever pregnant. She just looks like she had Thanksgiving dinner.



Wow! You look fantastic!! You don't look like you stink at all.

Mmm... frozen custard.


First time reader. You will be a great mom. So much of it comes from instinct, but reading the books helped too.

Also you crack me up. I cannot believe that you wore the funky pants anyway. Yes the first few weeks with a newborn and you will be lucky to get a shower, much less wear clean clothes.


Again, soooooo cute (and purty). Really, don't sweat the whole baby-raising thing. They let you know when you're doing your job (and not)


YAY! A belly shot! Been waiting for one of those! (Okay, now I'm going to read your post... lol)


Oh man. There HAS to be a law about being that adorable that far along. GREAT work on the 20 lbs too.

You'll do just fine believe me. The books are a wonderful guidline but YOUR baby will be unlike any other baby and you will be aweseom simply because you care so much. The fact that my three survived ME is proof.

Enjoy the lists too. Nothing wrong with lists. They make you feel SO much better don't they?


You are beautiful! You might be jealous of my boobs, but trust me, they're a large part of the reason I gained 50 lb. Yes, FIFTY, despite exercising almost every freaking day. And yet people thought I looked 6 months pregnant the week I gave birth. So screw it and eat all the M&M's you want. In fact, eat some for me, too, because I still have 15 more lb to lose! :P Also--in regards to the dirty funky stinky clothes--just wait till you're leaking milk too. Yum!
Take care of yourself and remember, no matter what the books say, labor/delivery will not be what you expect or prepare for. If you're like me you probably can't imagine going through it until you're actually going through it. But you'll do just fine. I'm so excited and happy for you! :)


The secret to grocery shopping is to get a Baby Bjorn. That worked for the first 4 months for me. My daughter would spend the first 15-20 minutes looking around googly-eyed at all of the bright colors. Then she'd sleep the rest of the time.
Once they start sitting up then you can get a seat cover for the basket seat so they don't catch salmonella or trichonosis.


Not to beat a dead horse, but man! You look fabulous! All glow-y and happy and healthy. Good job!


I got my hospital registration form at my last appointment, and have successfully ignored it so far. Is that bad?


I love your blog! I just found you on Frema's comment section.

And by the way, I never used a cart cover or anything else...my children are still alive. But I just may be gross. My kids are 2 and 3...'Gross' would be a pretty accurate summary of our life.


I am telling you, since my first kid was born, that morning shower is VITAL to my sanity. My husband knows he's not allowed to leave the house until I get my shower in. Grocery shopping -- the best gift I ever gave myself was hiring a housekeeper who could watch the kid(s) while I go grocery shopping. I HATE taking babies to the grocery store. If you live somewhere that delivers groceries, start looking into it.

Also, I noticed that you read Little Children. The ending of that book bothered me SO MUCH. Did you like it?

The Mom

You look amazing! Does your belly button stick out?? If it does I'm so jealous. Mine never did that so you can totally see the cavern it's become under any shirt I wear. The stinky pants? OK, kind of gross... but I can't say I've never done it. And you're right, it just prepares you for what you're in for when the baby comes! Also, you'll find that babies do cry at the grocery store and most of the time no one gives it a second thought. And if they do you'll grow not to give a damn because hello, babies do that! But I do remember being terrified of taking Emily out in public for that very reason. Trust me, you'll get over it!


So cute! I don't know what the moron was talking about that said you look like you're due tomorrow. You barely look pregnant. You just look... So.Cute.

And as for the germs on the grocery carts, what my daughter's teacher always said was "God made dirt, dirt don't hurt." I guess that could go for your brown pants, too : )


I stumbled upon this site as I was in the process of doing some online research. Do you know Fabreeze, tho highly touted, has such powerful chemicals that they may affect your baby - dryer sheets too.


Pregnancy really agrees with you! What a pretty glow you have.

Also, grossness is not limited to new and expecting mothers. I wear sports bras from the gym at least twice before I wash them, because I only have two and I hate doing laundry.

Also also, thanks for your kind words on my blog. You're pretty spiffy yourself. :)


You look like crap! JUST KIDDING! Oh my goodness please don't hurt me.

In all seriousness you look oh so cute and healthy! This child is going to have great genes!

And he who has not gone out in public with smelly clothes can cast the first stone. It will certainly not be cast by me.

Jenny in Queensland

You look fantastic and only 20 lb, oh my goodness how did you manage that. I put on 61lb with my 1st, and 50lb for 2nd and 3rd and still have 22lb to lose. I am sure you will be one of the lucky ones that breastfeeding gets you back to your pre-pregnancy weight in next to no time. Good luck, I can't wait to see the baby photos!
Don't think about the germs, it will drive you crazy. I just try and pretend that baby wipes cure everything and that I am encouraging the kids immune system!

Horrible Warning

I live in absolute cold sweat fear of the enormous amounts of (additional) weight I will gain when I finally have a Cletus. I can't believe how adorable you are. I feel (a teensy bit) better knowing it's possible.

Mrs. S

That is possibly the cutest belly-pic-pose I have ever seen. SERIOUSLY!

And the laundry thing? Don't worry about it - we're pregnant, we're not expected to actually CARE at this point... we're too busy reading 600lb books and trying to figure out exactly HOW we're supposed to feed another human with our boobs.

You're doing great, don't let anyone tell you otherwise.


What a cute picture! My belly NEVER looked that at any point during the pregnancy. And my belly button was so deep that it never popped!
Totally ignore whatever the commenter said about febreeze. You're not dousing all of your clothes in it.
You'll be a great mom!


Since I'm the only guy who comments here don't flog me for saying that you're still a hottie as the pic shows. Not a PC comment--hey you're the one wearing Fabreeze'd pants.

As far as germs go, don't worry about them. Having worked in a hospital for the past gazillion years, I'm convinced that more kids develop allergies and illnesses because they are sheltered away at home playing xbox and not out eating dirt. If these kids are not exposed to the grimey side of the front door early on, their immune systems can't cope later on. So be sure and take A nee Cletus to a few War Eagle games so he can get down in the stadium grime and teach those white cells what to attack when he's 21 and sucking on the MGD tap after the previous 12 persons have done their keg stands.


You look completely awesome & fabulous, and I sort of hate you for it. ;-)

I was a freak about the germ thing at first, even bought one of those big fabric covers for shopping cart seats and restaurant high chairs. . . and I think I used it exactly twice. It was a real PITA to deal with. I've read since then--from pediatricians, mind you--that there's no need to freak out about the germs. In fact, assuming your child is healthy to begin with, the exposure is GOOD for your kid because it helps them build an immune system.

To help in your mad research and preparation--for breastfeeding, I liked "Nursing Mother's Companion" by Kathleen Huggins. It was my own in-home lactation consultant.

And finally, congrats on the glucose test! And the LOW weight gain!

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