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Thursday, July 20, 2006


Lil' Liberal

Very touching letter to your son. :) And I'm jealous of your nursery. I love the mobile.

BTW, Don't know if it will work for you, but my fetus seems to like playing "avoid the poke". So if I want her to squirm around on the left, I poke the right side of my uterus. If I want to get her to stop kicking my bladder, I just poke around randomly until I no longer feel like my bladder is going to explode. Not that I sanction making use of the baby for one's husband's entertainment... Something which I'm totally innocent of... *coughs* *looks uncomfortable* *hides*


yay! a belly picture at last!! the dragon is awesome btw, love it!

Dee Dee

De-lurking here... I love the nursery! Where did you find the Alphabet letters with all of those tools? Way cool!


You are such a cute pregnant lady! And I love the manly wall hangings!

Daily Tragedies

Good Lord, you're GORGEOUS!!!

(Secretly hoping it took you thirty-odd attempts to get that good of a picture, but seriously doubting it.)

Mrs. S

That is a truly wonderful belly picture.

And, while I think it is super-adorable how you mentioned what a spectacular father Dave is going to be, you failed to mention what an astounding mother YOU are going to be. Bad girl!


God, you are soooo cute. Isn't that lovely, hearing it from a complete stranger from the internet?!?!?!
and I completely agree with your about Syriana- especially about George's plumpness. What was the point?

The Mom

You look so cute! Your hair is adorable. I'm glad to see you're about as big as me belly-wise. I'm sick of people telling me how small my belly is (not something one wants to hear after having previously given birth to a 3 lb baby). The nursery looks great too. I love what you did with the alphabet cards. What a lucky little boy!

Oh, and "I won’t be painting or hanging curtains or running around like a maniac in HomeGoods looking for a suitable side table while simultaneously sporting a gut the size of a watermelon"... yeah, that'll be me.


I love it. The room is adorable and you are too. It is so much fun getting the nursery together. I remember sitting in my son's room doing the same thing.


That dragon is the cutest thing I have ever seen! Cletus is going to love it.


Cute room- cute mom!

Mary, mom to many


I am SO JEALOUS! My nursery can't be done until mid-august.. and that's if I'm lucky. The room is a disaster area which needs a new floor and holes patched in the walls etc..

Your room looks great though - congrats :)


Hooray! A belly pic at last!

I love the nursery-it's truly divine, and will easily convert for a big boy room.

Your son is very lucky, indeed. :)

Nothing But Bonfires

Your hair is looking fabulous! Or as Jonathan from that awful Blow Out show would say "your hair.....has never been...soooo....BANGIN'."

The nursery, of course, is equally as bangin'.


OK, we have the same due date, but my nursery not even CLOSE. And I thought I was doing well to have 1/3 of the hideous Precious Moments wallpaper stripped. But it's not my fault! It's the bathroom renovation that is taking twice as long as anticipated! Still, you're making me look bad, so stop it.


Very cute nursery, but not cutesy, you know? Well done, Emily and Dave.
Also, if I cut more of my hair off, it will be entirely the fault of that picture and the goodness of your hair therein.


The nursery looks so cute Em! I love it! Did you paint the orange squares on the wall and then mount the cards? Very creative. Make sure you save room for a matching growth chart...or something like that. Not that I know anything about a gift like that. ;) The flying dragon is a great touch. I'm sure he'll spend hours looking at that. Hopefully being content and letting you sleep a little longer!
You look great! Love Ang


I totally hope you compile these letters into a book or something for Little Nameless Boy, because they are .P.R.E.C.I.O.U.S.!!!!

Also, you? In that last picture? Glowing.

Serenity Now

So cute... you, the nursery, these letters... GAH! I can't take it!!!


Love it all! And what a great belly pic, you are soooo adorable! :) We have the same haircut too! I think I speak for everyone when I say we can't wait to meet this little surprise baby! :)


That is such a cute room for your baby boy! I love the crib and bedding.

As for letting anyone volunteer to work in the nursery, I think that is true for EVERY church. Case in point it's my turn next Sunday.


Your posts always manage to make me laugh like a hyena or sob like a baby. What a sweet letter!
And how cute is your nursery? I should have hired you to design mine.
P.S. You're officially on my list for looking so ridiculously gorgeous at 26 weeks pregnant. Let me know if you get stuck in a booth at Olive Garden in a few weeks, THEN I will feel better. :)


Emily, you look so gorgeous!!! And the room... it's fantastic! The artwork looks great and I *love* the light fixture. You guys have done a great job. And I really love reading about how enthusiastic Dave is. That's awesome!


WHERE did you get those letter cards? They're adorable!

Also, you look fantabulous, girl. :-)


Beautiful belly! And the room looks fantastic!

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