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Monday, June 26, 2006



Your due date is still ahead of mine by three days! It's a RACE! To see who has the baby first! I'm betting you will WIN! Because if my baby is anything like its parents it will stay in there for WEEKS after its due date just to TORTURE me!

(What? Yes, I've had a lot of sugar today. So?)

I am very glad that I was in Washington a week ago instead of being there now. That kind of rain is icky.


SUCH! CUTE! ONESIES! You know, you could quit after The Boy is born and just have a cottage industry making them.

I just read about Angie and her babies and wanted to chime in and say how sorry I am about her losses. She's an amazing friend to you and I'm sure (CERTAIN) that she will welcome her baby home someday in the future.

Love the new masthead!


Those onesies are so cute! Very crafty! I tend to get really, obsessively into a certain craft for oh, about two weeks and then abandon crafting altogether for a year or two.

And it's not boring to hear that everything is normal with the baby. It's wonderful!


I am SO NOT crafty at all so I might sound a bit dim asking this, but how did you do those?

I have 3(!) baby showers coming up and I think those would make such cute gifts.



Didn't know you lived in DC. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for stopping at lights. I was nearly run over about eleventeen times today as people jockeyed through lights.


Oh my goodness, can I buy the bomb onesie for Ryan's next plane trip? Too funny.
We're heading down your way this weekend for a visit with the family and Ryan's christening, so make sure that rain is all cleared up before we have to battle the Beltway, mmkay? :)

Mrs. S

I'm with Duchess - I require instructions on the cutest-onesies-in-the-world-making. Please?? Don't make me beg!

Your due date is 5 days ahead of mine, and I'm so down for a race with you and Arwen - but lazy babies run in my family, too, so you are most like to win. It would give all us pregnant ladies something to look forward to, though!

I'm beyond dreading my weigh-ins at the doctor. I mean, whatever. I'm pregnant, it's summer, popsicles are a necessity of my existance and if that means 2lbs more than I ought to be? I don't care - I'll work it off later when I'm walking miles up and down the living room to keep the screaming of the infant at bay ;) Just enjoy yourself.


I'll admit I thought of y'all when I heard that the place was flooded and the moat at the National Archive had overflowed.
Then I remembered that you had recently cuised and probably were current on your snorkling skills so I became more concerned about the Archive but it has A MOAT!

I vote for the bomb. And since you are so in love with your vacuum, I'll leave you with these lyrics:

The vacuum cleaner has no name, it has no name-

The vacuum cleaner has no name, it has no name-

The vacuum cleaner has no name, the vacuum cleaner will remain, among the things without a name, without a name at all.

The salmon chair it can't tell time, it can't tell time-

The salmon chair it can't tell time, it can't tell time-

The salmon chair it can't tell time, still it is a friend of mine
it holds me close, shares my wine, never lets me fall.

The mirror there it makes no sense, it makes no sense-

The mirror there it makes no sense, it makes no sense-

The mirror there it makes no sense, it turns a frog into a prince, it's only by coincidence I'm hangin' on the wall.

This life of mine it goes it's way, it goes it's way-

This life of mine it goes it's way, it goes it's way-

This life of mine it goes it's way, it doesn't hear the things I say, or else it would be yesterday and winter would be fall.

This life of mine it goes it's way.

Robert Earl Keen Jr. The Vacuum Cleaner Song


Cruised. To cruise. Had been recently on a cruise. That's what I ment to type but I forgot to PROOF BEFORE POST.


so. cute. and so very girl-scouty of you. i agree with the others above...i am in definite need of a quick crafting lesson.


Oh please share how you did the t-shirts...I'd love to make some for my babe!

The Mom

I'm so dreading my next checkup. I know I've put on about 80 pounds in the last 3 days. And isn't it so nice how they go 3-4 weeks without giving you the official OK on your sonogram? The onesies are so freaking cute... I love them! I may have to RTC festival on Saturday the 8th... I'll let you know for sure when we decide. Maybe we can plan to run into eachother!

The Mom

OK, I must have deleted part of my comment as I was typing (it's late, just finished up working but had to check blogs before turning in!). I meant... I may have to HIRE YOU TO OUTFIT OUR LITTLE GUY... and WE'RE THINKING OF GOING TO THE RTC festival... sheesh!


You are so crafty! First the new masthead and now the cute baby clothes. Is there anything you can't do?

And don't you worry I have already set my Tivo for the show. Can't wait till Sunday!


I like the poker one. It would be funny to see if people notice the colors were wrong (I didn't until you pointed it out...and I do play cards.)


So, your due date = my wedding date. Looks like we will both be pretty busy that day...


So Typepad is totally screwing me over - I have always relied on them to email me/notify me about comments, but today I realized I've only gotten 5 emails and there are 16 comments? Anyone else having this issue?

I will post a shirt-making tutorial ASAP!


Those are so cute, you guys are going to have such a stylish baby!


By the way, about the comments, other bloggers that I read have mention that typepad is not emailing them comments, so at least they're screwing everyone over, not just you!


Oh, we are so in tune with the whole "4-way stop when lights are blinking or not working" thing. I swear, people here in Atlanta don't know anything about proper driving (as you well know).

LOVE the onesies. As always, you are so creative and make the coolest stuff. I expect that you make me one of those the next time around. Maybe you can make one with a dirt bike for Mike :)
I do like the bomb though!


I so have not been getting my emails either....


Thanks for the tutorial! That could be very handy in the upcoming months!


It sounds fun, except in my current state of ... ummm... irritableness and crying-ness, it sounds excruciatingly painful. Like, maybe pulling my fingernails out of their beds would be more pleasurable. Or, perhaps if I had a dagger inserted into my left eyeball, that would be more pleasurable, too.

So. I should come back next week when I'm not PMSing.

Mrs. S

I promise you there will be pictures. PROMISE! 'Cause that's how much you rule for including a tutorial. :D


I am sick to death of this freakin' rain too. I just pray it will stop long enough for our back yard to dry out for our annual 4th of July party. The "rain, rain go away" song my 4-year-old has been singing all week isn't working yet.

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