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Friday, June 09, 2006



aw DANG. Way to make me tear up in my cube on a Friday afternoon!

Seriously.. that was so sweet, you telling the story of the sonogram, especially the part about your husband. Guys getting choked up is just too much!

PS- You look great in that photo! I hope I look that good when I'm knocked up :)


YAY! A belly pic! You are an awfully cute pregnant lady. Keep the letters coming, I just love reading them. I stole the idea, but I'm not very timely about it, so I get to read yours lots more than I write mine. Happy halfway!


What an awesome letter! Totally starting to tear up in my office. You are looking fabulous!!! I always look forward to the weekly letters. I hope you continue them after he is born.


I'm feeling a bit verklempt myself over here.

Talk amongst yourself-topic: how cute is Emily and her belly? Discuss.


How cute are you? Thanks for the prego pics!!


Are you kidding me? Can you make me cry any harder? First the cat post and now this! I am way too emotional right now and i'm not even pregnant!

Nothing But Bonfires

Okay, they need to keep tissues on my DESK for this sort of thing. In fact, I'd like you to FedEx me over some Kleenex before your next post.

AND ALSO, how insanely cute are you??? I'd punch you if you weren't pregnant. Then I'd take a picture of you and bring it with me to my next hair appointment and say "I'd like this." (Though not to my next OB-GYN appointment. Not yet, thank you.)


Aw, that was so sweet, and brought back some fond memories. you look terrific!
I missed your doggie post last month, but wanted to tell you that our dog has adjusted very well to the new addition. faustus is a shelter dog, too, but doesn't have any of those submissive problems- quite the opposite actually, he tackles everything and everyone like they're covered in peanut butter- but he's very jealous and protective so we were worried. he's a wonderful big brother, but we had to come to terms with the fact that if we were ever forced to make a decision we might someday have to give him up.
you probably have already, but talk to your vet/trainer. ours had a lot of literature on preparing pets for a baby. it gave us peace of mind that we did everything we could to get them ready.


This is really beautiful. Really.

Mrs. S

Ooooh! You have the cutest belly! I'm jealous ;)

I totally understand, I love your letters because I am going through things at kind of the same time and it's so nice to know that all these bizarre feelings are normal. Keep it up! Keep me sane ;)

And Congratulations again and again.

La signora è bella!

Macchina fotografica de Nizza anche.

Un tifoso


Great hair! Cute belly!
So exciting that you're having a little boy!
Since I think I remember you saying you're a big reader, I was wondering if you'd gotten a copy of It's a Boy? It's a book of essays by women writers about mothering boys (edited by Andrea J. Buchanan) — I got it for Mother's Day and thought it was really interesting. The essays are about things like how people respond when you share the news that you're having a son (versus that you're having a daughter), how the relationship between mother and son changes as he grows up, whether we treat boys differently (the whole nature vs. nurture argument) ... anyway, just thought I'd share.
Hope you're feeling great!


Emmmmmmmmily. You're not the only one in need of Kleenex!

Oh, wow. I'm envious! I don't even want to be pregnant right now, and I'm envious. I think that's a good sign, don't you?

Again, congratulations, congratulations, congratulations. I'm so thrilled for you and Dave!


Yay! Belly pic! And what an adorable belly it is. You look fabulous. :)


Being able to name our babies after finding out the gender made them more real and possible in our wee minds. Calling them Eli and Henry instead of THE BABY made it personal and real despite knowing nothing about who and what would become of them. Like you said, somehow you know something more and then nothing much at the same time.

Serenity Now

I wish they handed out kleenex via the internet. I always tear up at these letters.

You are the cutest pregnant woman!!

The Mom

Very sweet letter, and I agree you're a cute preggie mama. Makes it that much more real knowing what that is growing in your belly doesn't it?


Ack! You are so freaking cute!

And your letter is so sweet.


I love these letters to gestating baby a.k.a. Baby Boy. And you look super! I think my stomach is bigger than yours and I haven't had a baby in 5 years.


You are a beauty!


You are so pretty! x


Oh my, there's nothing like the moment you see that first sonogram with that special picture. The one that you can clearly, finally tell whether it's a boy or a girl. That first moment of recognition by the Father that they have truely had a hand in creating a special person. Now Dave has more of a reason to finish all the preparations for baby's first day home.


I just had to write- you are so flippin' cute preggers. You're going to love having a boy. I have two, and it's incredible!!! Lurve your blog too!!!


You are preying on a 9-month pregnant woman's emotions, but I don't mind, because I'm so excited for you and your cute little mini-belly! :)


It seems so REAL now -- he's a person! With a gender identifier!

You are cute as a button.

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