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Wednesday, June 02, 2010



My son was a late talker. The only negative comment on his progress reports, quarter after quarter, is his quantity of talking, and how this negatively impacts listening skills. I love the look on each teacher's face when I say, "He was a very late talker." My daughter is a late talker, too. She's 2 1/2... two years from now I may be praying to lose my hearing.


Oh how fondly I remember the "Thomas" days!! My oldest used to answer, "Thomas" when asked his name (hint: it's not Thomas!!). We had to announce any timne we crossed a train track and say hello to every type of car that was being pulled by any train we saw on the tracks. He also acted out scenes from the DVDs constantly and recited along with each scene when watching it too. We spent GAJILLIONS of dollars on the trains and playsets and clothes and sheets and everything that had a train on it and were happy when we found out #2 was a boy so we could at least pass all the train stuff along. Then by the time #2 was the age for Thomas & Friends, #1 had moved on to Spiderman and Batman and #2 never even looked at Thomas, Henry, Gordon or Percy...sigh!


For Violet, it's puppies. She loves puppies. Clifford, 101 Dalmatians, Martha Speaks, THE TARGET DOG MASCOT ... she is not picky. LOVES them. Has already told me she wants a puppy-themed 4th birthday party. Right.

So instead of our car being a steam train, we just listen to barking pretty much where ever we go. And if we ask VIOLET to stop barking, she will kindly inform us that, "That's not me, Mommy. That's T-Bone!" And then you have to ask T-BONE to stop barking. Which results in T-Bone whimpering.

All the games we play center on the stuffed puppies. They have fleas! We have to get rid of their fleas, Mommy! We need to give them all check-ups!

ALL. DAY. LONG. with the puppy check-ups.

Basically, I feel your pain.

That being said, THE BLATHERING! WHEEE! A whole weekend with no steam trains OR puppies. What ever shall we do?


OH MY GOD YES. We have to hear about how cars need gas or cash ALL DAY LONG. The talking never ever ever ends and he didn't talk at all for so long, and now I have to say "Eli! I need five minutes! Please be quiet!" Although nothing nothing nothing nothing is worse than the endless "whys". OH MY LORD. Get ready.


As the mother of a 23 month old currently in speech therapy, your story excites me and frightens me all at once.

Aunt Becky

Oh hells yes. You know who lives in Chicago? That would be me. This is a WIN.


I had to ask Christopher to stop talking to me the other day too, and I felt SO AWFUL doing it. But it was either that or rip my ears off, and I figured the simple request would be far less traumatizing to him in the long run.


Re: The Blathering - since it's in Chicago, I just might! That is only a few hours away from me.

Re: imaginations - Kara is two and a half and also incorporates a lot of book and TV references into the various conversations with her Little People. I think it's the age!


I SO want to go to the blathering, but again this year, not in the cards. Am crying over here. Please, PLEASE consider Denver for next year? I would offer my firstborn, but I don't think anyone wants more than their own kids anyway.


Um can I bring my non-stop talking, Team Umizoomi obsessed 3 year old over to keep Asher company? Maybe they can talk each other out. He just got his first train set two weeks ago and it's crazy simple but GOD FORBID you accidentally kick a piece and witness the unholy fury.


Hi! I have a little award for you over on my blog: http://cropgirl.blogspot.com/2010/06/wow.html

help getting pregnant

I never get tired reading your blogs..you've shared your special moments through this, and in return you have inspired us that much..I see how happy you are though there are times that we also need to bend down and move slowly...thanks for your great stories and pieces of thoughts

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