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Monday, February 18, 2008



i just looked at your photos now, but you looked so cute at your wedding! those photos are awesome.

also - if you only left target with the face cream, kudos to you because i go in there for a picture frame and come out with over two hundred dollars worth of things i never knew i needed.


I am right there with you. I'm turning 30 this July (which I'm surprisingly zen about -- I think I did all my freaking out over 29 for some reason) and I had this conversation a couple months back with a few of my 27-year-old friends. It went like this: Me: Do you guys wear night cream? Them: What? Of course! We started years ago! You mean you don't wear night cream? YOU NEED TO START NOW.

Yeah... I didn't start even then mainly b/c I don't even know what kind I would buy given the chance. I wear Oil of Olay w/SPF 15 moisturizer and have since I was 21. Beyond that, I do basically nothing to my face.


After looking at your wedding hair, I thought, "DAMN! I should have gone to a salon because that's the exact wedding hair that I wanted."
Now I feel bad b/c I did my own & did not do as nice a job as you did. I was also ready wayyy too early before the wedding and proceeded to continue to lose my voice bopping around the hotel room to hits from the 80's with my mom & MOH. I danced so hard the CD skipped (we were on the 4th floor. I am not a large person, but an over-enthusiastic dancer)


Yeah, I'm 27 and I've been on the anti-aging wagon since like 22. Never to early, my friend. Never too early.

chatty cricket

Ok, so you know what? I turned 30 a few days before you, and being of the Irish/fair skinned so I'll look 60 before I'm 35 variety, I prefer to think of all of this as PREVENTATIVE. As in, we don't need it now, but better start now so we don't wake up one day when it's too late. Right?

Also, remind me not to compare my pores to those of my 2 1/2 year old daughter with the perfect porcelain skin. It's a recipe for disaster.

chatty cricket

oh, and I also wanted your hair for my wedding. Sadly, I ended up with the Bad Katie Holmes Wedding Hair. All scraggly curly and looking far worse than it ever does in real life. I probably slouched like her too because of it.


This post was so funny! I actually don't leave the house without at least some powder and lip gloss... okay mascara too. I also get confused when I go to Sephora but I LOVE it!


I'm very impressed by your wedding hair! It looked great. I am also with you on being completely overwhelmed with shops like Sephora. I'd love to go in there, too, but I have NO idea what to get!

I'm 33 and haven't bought the anti-age cream (yet!) although I most definitely need it with two little guys at home and averaging about 5 hours of sleep per night, but last time I received a Target gift card for myself I spent it on groceries and clothes for the boys...not exactly the birthday treat for me I should have purchased.

Dr Maureen

I find it difficult to believe that someone who can do that to her hair does not understand foundation. I'm not saying that foundation is easy, mind. Lord knows I don't know how to wear it. However, neither can I get my hair to poof up all smooth like that. I have tried and tried and deemed it impossible.


I'm 46 now and I wish someone would have told me to start using an anti-aging cream on my neck when I was 30. I started too late and have to look at more wrinkles than I care to now. If you want a good reference on all types of beauty products, from Sephora and from Target, run out and purchase "How Not To Look Old" by Charla Krupp. It is second only to the Bible on my nightstand for regular reading and reference!


Just wanted to let you know that this made me giggle.

I could have shown you how to spend the card, though, as I was in my Target an nearly the precise same moment throwing black faux-wrap dresses in my cart without trying them on and wondering how I would pay for it.


Two words for the foundation part: FOUNDATION BRUSH. And yes, I am (partially) a Sephora-ite (SepWHORE-a? I dunno) but trust me: Buy the brush, USE the brush. You could buy it at Target (try the Sonia Kashuk line for inexpensive ones). Your life will be changed forever. Also, there is NOTHING wrong with buying anti-aging night cream - I've been on that band wagon fairly faithfully for a few years and I'm under 30. The wedding pics are super-duper sweet, too.

PS I comment here all the time, this is just my new secret blog identity. Love the new curtains as well.


I use anti-aging products at 26. It's important. We'll be thankful 30-some years from now!


I'll never forget going to the MAC store for concealer and having the very young salesgirl peer intently at my eyes and declare, "You have fine lines and wrinkles. I'll start you off with a caffeinated eye cream." Fine lines and wrinkles! I was barely 31!


I just turned 35 (ok 9 months ago!) and finally resigned myself to night cream. In fact I got mine at Target too and it cost 17.59! So let me guess - are you also using Oil of Olay regenerist night cream? aka the purple goopy stuff?

I love the stuff at Sephora but hate the store so I actually shop online with them. You should give it a try - there are alot of product reviews and explanations of what does what, it's much less intimidating and much more pleasant than going into that god forsaken store.

Aunt Becky


I just go to MAC and have them break it all down for me into impossibly teeny bits of digestible information. Otherwise, my head might explode.


I am totally going to copy your wedding hair.


This is a comment on your peanut post on the other site, because I am too lazy to register. I had the same freakout, and asked my mom (nurse) what I should do and she said benadryl if it's a minor reaction, epi-pen if it's major. I don't know the difference in a major and a minor reaction, but if my kid's ANYTHING starts swelling, I'm going to consider that major. So I thought I'd get an epi-pen and keep it on hand. Except...you can't buy them OTC. You have to have a prescription. Which means your kid has to have a major reaction before you get one. What?

andrea from the fishbowl

Oh, i'm 35 and I'm still sitting on the fence in regards to Products Said To Stall Aging. I hate to think someone is just pouring regular Jergens handcream or whatever into a pretty glass jar and splashing many unpromisable promises all over it. What's a gal to do?


p.s. lurve your blog. Am bookmarking for return visits.


I once had a grade-school teacher who sat at her desk and clipped her nails with a pair of scissors. Ya know, those big black-handled metal school-teacher scissors?? Crazy. And that was in grade-school! I am 30. Clearly I was traumatized by it.

Also, in high school Drivers Ed (the behind-the-wheel portion) my instructor sat in the passenger seat and picked the gunk out from underneath his fingernails and flicked it down to the floor while I was learning how to Keep My Hands At Ten And Two. Very distracting. And disgusting.

What is it with teachers and personal grooming in front of their students???


OMGoodness! Who did you have for trig? That poor woman...immortalized on your blog pages for her chin hairs. Or perhaps for inability to groom at home. Oh well, at least I didn't have her! Goooo cougars!

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