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Monday, July 30, 2007



I'm going to have a few posts up about BlogHer this week, one for the social fun and one to discuss the sessions. I think the business ones were the most disappointing, which is sad because they were the ones I was most excited about. I learned something from each one, but I thought they could have been better organized instead of just being random Q and As. Next year (yes, I hope to go again), I think I'll focus on some of the other tracks to get a richer experience.

It was so great to meet you, though!


I love you. I got a few "It's not about the sessions, you dumbass" comments when I said this last week, surrounding why I was NOT going: this is just a hobby for me. While I'd love a book deal (who wouldn't?) I really want it to be separate from my blog, and no, no I don't want to monetize the experience in any way right now, as it would less fun and pure for me.

I would have LOVED to meet everyone (you!), really I would, but I couldn't bring myself to shell out the expense for an experience that ultimately, would have been meaningless to me, except for the social functions.


I mean, to clarify, the comments weren't meanly calling me a dumbass, it's just that they all indicated that the sessions were NOT why they were going, and that by worrying about that part, I was missing the point. I kind of get that, but with that in mind, it was too hard for me to justify, because again: it's totally just a hobby for me, which makes me happy.

I'm clarifying, because I honestly wasn't trying to be critical of anyone or anything, I was just spewing off in an unorganized fashion, as usual.


We seem to have shared the same sentiments about the weekend, eh? It was nice to meet you somewhere amidst the debates about monetizing blogs versus "not selling our kids" :-P


Yeah, from what I read about last year's conference, I was never that interested in going. I treat my blog like a bullitin board between friends-definitely not for profit.


I thought I was just being grumpy about the sessions. I'm glad to hear someone else say it too.

Plus, they couldn't get the audio right for the life of them. I've never heard so much feedback in my life. It was frustrating.

Overall though, I enjoyed the weekend.


Stumbled upon your site through a link from Anna.

It's so interesting to hear the comments about BlogHer. I'm starting up a new blog soon, as a hobby, because I enjoy it not expect to write a book one day.

I looked at going to just investigate but seems like a good decision I didn't. Maybe there should be a separate conference for those who do this as a hobby?


Aha! No morning nap is why you did not lot on when specifically ordered to?

And also?* The no morning nap thing is AWFUL. And hopefully short lived. The morning nap is the best one! So reliable!

*The "And also?" question is trademarked by Emily.


Love your blog, girl. i have been reading it a couple months and you always make me laugh! i enjoy reading your HONESTY about motherhood. as a mom myself i really appreciate it.


I have to say... well, first, I'm glad you're back. My reading time was significantly less fun with you away. But anyway, I have to say - Christopher has given up the morning nap. Ok, I've given it up for him. And now? NOW! He sleeps three hours straight every single afternoon. AND we can actually spend significant amount of time outside of the house without having to come back for naps. It's FABULOUS.

Except for the fact that morning nap was my shower time. Me sans shower = not so fabulous. It's a trade-off, I guess.


I keep trying to write about BlogHer, but I'm coming up with about the same thing as you: "Meh."


Whoorl just doesn't understand us; Lindsay is an ARTIST, DAMMIT!

I adore you to pieces, Miss Emily; words cannot express how much fun I had with you.


Thanks for the recap of the BlogHer weekend. The main reason I would ever hope to go is to meet all my "frendz" from the internet. I look at it a little like a really short week at Blog Camp or something.
Avelyn has never had a morning nap. And sometimes she only naps for 45 minutes in the afternoon. How's that for perspective? :)


I swear I'm so glad you didn't come to my lab - I'd be crying about now. *snort*

OURS WAS A LAB though ... no microphone ... just Step 1, Step 2, Step 3.

But? I'd go JUST for the social aspect, b/c you guys completely and totally rocked the weekend for me.

I walked away happy. I'm sorry you didn't. Even more sorry I don't get to see you next year, b/c I KNOW I'll go back.


Okay. So. Next year let's do like, our own break off thing. Like a sitcom spin off, only better! Where we meet in say, the booming metropolis that is Rigby, Idaho and rock the social aspect only. Any takers?


Thank you so much for this post. I just posted my own post about BlogHer and felt horrible for admitting that yeah..I didn't learn much in the classes. I'm so glad I'm not the only one to feel this way. Phew!

Meeting everyone made it totally worth it..but I still wish I would have actually learned something.


Miles (Mr. Suit Man of the first night) laughed out loud when he read your title over my shoulder. Me at my wittiest (which is OH SO VERY witty) rarely yields an out-and-out chuckle. Feel free to treasure that.

I wish I'd brought something more back from the sessions, like maybe Amy Sedaris or Jurgen's hair. Luckily, the photo booth was all I hoped for and more.

It was so nice to meet you! You may be plied with baby questions at some point, a point which will probably coincide with a prompt exit from the internet or at least a blocking of my email address. BUT, EMILY! ARE THEY SUPPOSED TO DO THAT? FROM BOTH ENDS? REALLY?

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